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Mankind has survived and thrived based on our ability to tell purposeful stories that created social connection and community through language and storytelling. Smart business today must take this hardwired ability to heart if they want to compete and succeed.

A 10,000 Year Old Tradition -

Key to Your Success?

By: Peter Guber, CEO Mandalay Entertainment, Owner Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers, Author “Tell To Win.”

How could a 10,000 year old tradition be key to your success?

Simply put, without it, neither you, nor any of us, would be here. I’m referring to our ancestors’ ability to tell purposeful stories in order to survive. We’re all story listeners, story advocates and tellers of purposeful stories- – we’re designed that way. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you a story…

About 10,000 years ago, humans were prey and the predators were winning. We weren’t more ferocious than a tiger, faster than a cheetah, or bigger than a rhinoceros. So we had to outsmart them.

To compete we developed new technology, language, giving us the ability to communicate complex thoughts and create community through oral stories told around the campfire, which were memorable experiences told and retold that bound and passed down our tribe’s beliefs, rules and values, “the hard strategy and tactics” vital to our survival. In so doing, we worked together to outsmart these threats, turning us from prey to predator, and going from the bottom to the top of the food chain.

You think that Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, created social cohesion? No! We did! Computers are just one more tool in our ever-expanding toolbox that includes “technologies” such as the pen, moveable type, photography, film and video allowing humankind to capture, share and spread their stories which had the vital information for their survival and success embedded within.

The opportunity horizon for businesses today lies in taking the value proposition of that 10,000 year old tradition and by combining it with the tsunami of technological advancements, turn that campfire into a bonfire. A cautionary tale – nowadays story creation and sharing have taken on a whole new meaning. Audiences expect to be part of the story, to contribute to it, morph it, and share it on whatever device they choose with their own audiences, networks and communities. Empowered by the Internet and social media platforms, they demand to be controlling the dashboard of their experiences.

Businesses must do just that. Surrender control over the telling of their product or services’ stories and let their customers/audiences pay them forward as apostles and evangelists. It’s the most powerful, authentic (and commission-free) sales force you can engage!

This 10,000 year old story telling magic is no gift from me to you. It’s hardwired in all of us today. Smart businesses must venerate and kindle this resource it in all of their stakeholders to reap the rewards of future business success!

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