Stand out brands are not invented. They
are discovered through rigorous analysis,
keen insight and creative intuition.

Defining A Distinctive Purpose

Our Brand Foundation process begins by understanding, defining and aligning your organization’s vision, values and heritage, leading to the development of a clear organizational purpose statement.  Brand purpose defines the difference an organization is trying to make in the world. It is grounded in the truth of an organization — what it believes in and the difference it makes in people’s lives. Many organizations know “what” they do and “how” they do it, but brand purpose defines the “why” they do it for all audiences. In today’s highly competitive and commoditized market, it is the “why” that truly differentiates and provides a distinctive brand platform.

The Authentic Brand Idea

Essential to our process is the creation of an Authentic Brand Idea™. The Authentic Brand Idea helps define and articulate your organization’s purpose in a simple and concise way.  It is the rally cry that ignites your brand on all levels. Because it grounded in the essential truth about who your organization is, the Authentic Brand Idea is distinct, believable and has the power to move your brand forward.

W Brand Development helps answer the fundamental questions about your brand: What do you stand for? How are you different? Why should your customers care?

How an organization wants the world in which it operates to be.

The fundamental “beliefs” of an organization; the cultural “glue” that holds it together.

The difference an organization is trying to make in the world. Its fundamental reason for being.

The Brand Idea is the unifying, compelling and concise statement that serves as a “rally cry” for all your brand activities.

A differentiated customer benefit; what ultimately is
delivered to the target.

The “proof points” that substantiate the customer

Set of human characteristics associated with brand that define its interactions.

How constituents feel when they engage with the
organization in a personal, memorable way.